The chance to win this Clairtone G2 stereo!

For the past year now I have been running my MCM Daily ( online magazine and, with the help of some wonderful contributors, have created an informative online database of Modernism and Mid Century Modern culture.

Now it’s time to take MCM Daily to the next step with more media based content like video interviews and podcasts talking about design, collecting and chatting with people in the business

My goal is to turn MCM Daily into a full time venture to offer you more MCM content and in short, to make it my job – a job I would very much enjoy!

Here’s where YOU come in!

I decided to shake up crowdfunding a little and offer you a chance to win a swank 1966 fully restored, by yours truly, Clairtone Project G2 stereo which has a current market value of over $25,000 USD!

Help me with my business venture to raise $75,000 (CDN) and in exchange, you’ll not only get new MCM Daily content but a chance to win a rare and unique MCM stereo!

Here’s how it works. For each five dollar contribution to my Kickstarter fundraising campaign you get one entry. For example, a $5 contribution gives you 1 chance to win, $20 - 4 chances to win, $50 - 10 chances to win, and so on. With every contribution over 50 dollars the individual will receive either a MCM Daily mug, canvas tote, baseball cap, and t-shirt. (shown below)

If I reach my $75,000 fundraising campaign goal by September 30th, a draw for the Project G stereo will be made using a random number generator. The winner will also receive $1500 to help cover shipping or travelling costs to get the stereo. The draw for the Clairtone G2 prize will be made a day after my fundraising campaign ends (October 1st, 2016)

The stereo itself: as well as being a much sought after collectible the Clairtone G2 prize is a fully restored, showroom new unit that I have restored personally. My restored Clairtone Project G and G2 stereos can be found in the homes of collectors all over the world from Los Angeles, USA to Shanghai, China.  This G2 is fully functional and is updated to include a hidden Apple Airport allowing you to play music wirelessly from any device. It, of course, still plays vinyl as well!

The Clairtone G2 stereo

Finally, as it is a Kickstarter rule, should my fundraising campaign not reach its $75,000 target goal, all donations get refunded and it’s back to business as usual.

Thank you very much and if you are so inclined please click the link below to help me realize the opportunity of turning my passion into a career, and for your chance to win a fully restored, showroom new Clairtone G2!